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Content for Patients

Patient Education


This helpful brochure educates patients about the symptoms of oral disease, explains the 3 essential steps to optimal oral care, and highlights the benefits of LISTERINE®.



Help start a pertinent conversation with your patients in the dental chair with this informative poster for your office.

Oral Hygiene

Instructions Sheet

Share feedback or tips with patients on this take-home sheet. It includes an area for instructions on how to brush and floss more effectively and a section to recommend the mouthwash that best meets their oral care goals.

Content for Dental Professionals

Optimal Oral Care


Gain a deeper understanding of the role of essential oil–containing mouthwashes in preventive oral care and their effect on plaque and gingivitis.

LISTERINE® Mouthwash

Digital Module

Stay up-to-date on the benefits of a three-step oral care routine, learn about the LISTERINE® mechanism of action, and identify which products best meet your patients' goals with these short but informative modules.

Preventive Daily Oral Care:

The Integral Role of LISTERINE® Mouthwash

Learn more about the importance of a 3-step oral care routine and the role of LISTERINE® in preventive oral care with this in-depth scientific presentation.

LISTERINE® Essential Oils:

Bold Proof for Better Oral Care

Better oral health for all is a bold goal, but results from a landmark analysis demonstrate how it's possible with a LISTERINE® recommendation from a dental professional like you.